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Legion Sabers



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Embark on a journey to the heart of your saber with the latest incarnation of mastery, the ProffieBoard NeoCore V2.2, now resonating with the current OS.

This isn't just an upgrade; it's a renaissance of saber technology:

- A chassis reimagined for the modern wielder.
- A vast library of 40 distinctive sound fonts.
- Innovative profile effects that breathe life into your saber.
- A suite of features including lockup, melt, lightning, force effects, and a 5-minute idle sleep mode to conserve the essence of your saber.
- Blaster, music, and flash on clash effects, paired with the fluidity of smoothswings.

For those who seek the luminous glow of a Neopixel blade, we offer customization to match your chosen blade size. By default, all cores are attuned for a standard 36-inch blade.

- Within the heart of each core, the config and manual dwell in the sd card, nestled in the 'sd config' folder, alongside a trove of functions.

****Pre-configured for your convenience, these cores are battle-ready upon arrival.

We ensure that every Electronic Core dispatched from our U.S. armory is updated and rigorously pretested before it begins its journey to you.

*****To maintain the integrity of your saber's heart, use only a Charger Box of 5v 1A or less. Stray not into the realms of iPhone, Samsung, laptops, gaming devices, or USB Hubs, lest you risk the life of your electronics and the voiding of your warranty.

Your ProffieBoard NeoCore V2.2 will arrive complete with:

- A choice of a 2.1mm barrel charger or a USB-C option.
- Installation screws to secure the heart of your saber.
- A single button configuration, with all functions stored on the sd card.
- The ProffieBoard v2.2 itself, equipped with the latest OS6.7, ready for battle mode.
- A 18650 battery, 4.2v with button style, PCB protected for endurance.
- A 23mm speaker, 2w 4ohm, for sound as powerful as your presence.
- A red illuminated button in silver, a beacon in the hilt of your saber.
- Neopixel pin pcb, with a focus on the blade rather than illuminated LEDs.
- A design that honors the traditional 1-inch diameter.

With the ProffieBoard NeoCore V2.2, your saber experience is elevated to a symphony of light, sound, and responsive touch, ensuring that every duel, every display, and every moment feels as epic as the Star Wars saga itself. May the Force be with your saber's soul.

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