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Legion Sabers

The Staple Gun

The Staple Gun

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Ezra Bridger's prototype lightsaber is not just a weapon, but a testament to his ingenuity and survival instincts in a time when the Jedi were hunted. Built from parts donated by the Ghost crew, including modulation circuits from Sabine Wren and a power cell from Chopper, this lightsaber-blaster hybrid signifies Ezra's unique approach to being a Jedi. Its adjustable blade and stun blaster mode, a necessity due to Ezra's initial inability to deflect blaster fire, showcases his practicality and willingness to learn. This weapon, which played a crucial role in battles including the defeat of the Grand Inquisitor, represents Ezra's growth from a reluctant learner to a confident warrior. Owning this replica is more than just possessing a piece of Star Wars history; it's embracing the spirit of innovation and the relentless fight for freedom that Ezra Bridger embodies.

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